Engine Types & Models Fitted to Howard Rotavators

All Engine Types & Models Fitted to Howard Rotavators Past & Present.

PDF Manuals to view online or download for the engines can be found on the website by searching for the particular engine fitted in the Howard rotavator


Engine Model
Briggs & Stratton (2½hp Bullfinch
Briggs & Stratton (13hp) 2000 Tractor
Briggs & Stratton (4.3hp / 5hp) 350 / 352
BSA 120cc Bantam / Demon
Clinton/Newton (2½hp) Bullfinch
Hatz ES780U & E785U Diesel Gem Series 5
Honda (3.5hp) Bullfinch / H200
Howard AC (2 1/8hp) Bantam
Howard DH22 (22.5hp) DH22
Howard DH226 (35hp) DH226
Howard M Series (2¼hp) Farmette
Howard M Series (2¼hp) Foxie
Howard BJ Engine (6hp) Gem Series 1
Howard 810cc (180°-9hp) Gem Series 4
Howard 810cc (360°-12hp) Gem Series 5
Howard L Series (4.2hp) Hauler
Howard Junior (6hp) Howard 5
Howard Junior (6hp) Howard Junior
Howard V Twin Air/Cool (9.4hp) Howard 8
Howard V Twin W/Cool (13hp) Howard 12
Howard LH Series (5.2hp) Howard L Series (4.2hp) Howard LH Series (5.2hp) Howard M Series (2¼hp)

Howard 2408 (7.6hp)

Kelpie Terrier Terrier Trencher

2000 Tractor

Engine Model
Jap 2A 98cc Jap 600cc Mk3

Jap 600cc Mk4/Mk5

Bullfinch (UK) Gem Series 2

Gem Series 3

Kohler K161T (7hp) Kohler K91 (4hp) Kohler K141 (6hp) Kohler K301T (12hp) Kohler K341T (16hp)

Kohler K181T (8hp)

Terrier 350


Gem Series 5

Super Gem Series 5 Dragon

Morris Engine (16hp) Auto Rotary Hoe
Ruggerini RF120 Diesel (10hp) Gem
Sachs 500 Diesel (9hp) Gem Series 4
Tecumseh (14hp) 2000 Tractor
Villiers (1hp) Villiers 25c

Villiers Mk15 (3hp)

Villiers Mk10/1 98cc Mk12/1 120cc Villiers (4.2hp)

Cub Bantam

Bantam / Trencher Howard 200 (UK)


Wisconsin (7hp) Terrier
Yanmar TS70(C) Diesel (7hp) 2000 Tractor
Machine Engine Fitted
Auto Rotary Hoe Morris Engine (16hp)
Bantam BSA 120cc

Howard AC (2 1/8hp) Villiers 25c

Villiers Mk15 (3hp)

Bullfinch / H200 (Aust) Clinton / Newton (2½hp) Briggs & Stratton (3hp)

Honda (3.5hp)

Bullfinch (UK) Demon (UK) Howard 200 (UK) Jap 2A 98cc BSA 120cc

Villiers Mk 10/1 98cc

Villiers Mk 12/1 120cc

Cub Villiers (1hp)
DH22 Howard DH22 (22.5hp)
DH226 Howard A Series (35hp)
Farmette Howard M Series (2¼hp)
Foxie Howard M Series (2¼hp)
Gem Series 1

Gem Series 2

Gem Series 3

Gem Series 4

Gem Series 5

Gem Series 5

Howard BJ Engine (6hp) Jap 600cc Mk3

Jap 600cc Mk4/Mk5

Howard 810cc Twin (180°-9hp) Howard 810cc Twin (360°-12hp)

Hatz ES780U & E785U Diesel 9 & 11hp Sachs 500 Diesel (9hp)

Ruggerini RF120 Diesel (10hp) Kohler K301T (12hp)

Kohler K341T Super Gem (16hp)

Hauler Howard L Series (4.2hp)
Howard 5 / Junior Howard Junior (6hp)
Howard 8 Howard V Twin Air cooled (9.4hp)
Howard 12 Howard V Twin Water cooled (13hp)
Kelpie Howard LH Series (5.2hp)
Terrier Howard L Series (4.2hp)/ Wisconsin (7hp)

Kohler K161T (7hp) /Howard LH Series (5.2hp

Trencher Howard M Series (2¼hp)

Villiers Mk15 (3hp)

Yeoman Villiers (4.2hp)
2000 Tractor Howard LH Series (5.2hp) Howard 2408 (7.6hp)

Briggs & Stratton (10/12/13hp 202434/0136-01)

Tecumseh (14hp) OH 140 – 160016A Yanmar TS70(C) Diesel (7hp) Yanmar L5 Diesel

H 350 Briggs & Stratton (4.3hp) Kohler K91 (4hp)

Kohler K141 (6hp)

H 352 Briggs & Stratton (5hp)